Computerized Check-in with LobbyCentral


Jennifer Redmond, OD

We are using this cloud-based system for a high-tech and efficient way to check-in patients to the eye wear gallery. We switched to LobbyCentral, and we are really happy this new system. LobbyCentral manages a database of records that will tell you how many customers were seen, how long a customer waited, how long the service took, and what was the reason for the visit. Using this information, you can better staff your locations, identify areas of training, and reduce operational costs. The free LobbyCentral Mobile app available from iTunes turns your iPad into a stylish check-in station. Secure it with an iPad security enclosure, and you have an elegant solution that takes up little space on your counter.


Check out www.lobbycentral.com.


It is $59 per month for the entire system, as opposed to a per user log-in fee with the Lobby Manager.


Helps with staff decisions/hiring and schedules. Numbers do not lie. It also allows us to make sure or patients are helped in the most efficient and fairest manner. Automated, not an old sign-in sheet, that protects patient information because it is not on a group sign-in sheet for all to see. It alerts staff when someone has been waiting more than 15 minutes, so it can help redirect.


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