Kids in Eyewear Photo Contest


Mark Teeple, OD

To introduce our members to our website and to gather email addresses we held a contest over 3 months inviting patients to submit photos of their children with eyewear from our office. The prize was substantial ($100 gift certificate for future purchases at our office). The participation rate was quite good, and it provided us with a good selection of kids in glasses to make into a poster for our office.


Discuss the idea at a staff meeting to have all staff involved. Prepare contest rules, including consent statement. Promote the contest on in-office messaging system, through Facebook, and in talking with patients. Place someone in charge of receiving, verifying photos and recording contestants. At the end have a random draw (we used a child to do this) and a fun celebration with the winner!


A bit of time and effort. The only cost is for the prize.


The participants have one more connection to our office. The kids love to see their own pictures here.


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