Team Building with Cookies

Sherrie Nunn, OD
Sherrie Nunn, OD

I had an office meeting. I would ask questions, and whomever got the answer right first got a prize. The prizes were in a bag, and they would pull one out. The prizes seemed strange: A bag with a teaspoon of salt? A bag of flour? At the end of the meeting all the the staff members, except the office manager, had the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. Everyone could keep their prize or work together with the office manager, contribute their ingredients, and have her bake cookies!



Fill Ziploc bags with the ingredients for cookies and give as prizes at an office meeting.


The cost of the ingredients is minimal. I had them all in my pantry. I had to come up with questions at the office meeting. The office manager/baker had to agree to bake the cookies.


Team building.


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