Independent ODs – Vision Care Market Key Indicators

Industry-wide Growth is Flat but
Independent ODs Don’t Need To Accept Mediocrity.

Performance of Cleinman Performance Network Members Refute Industry Study.

Oneonta, NY — A recent study completed by Jobson Medical Information and the Vision Council of America found that total vision care market sales from 2006 to 2007 were virtually flat. Alan Cleinman, President of Cleinman Performance Partners noted, "Eye care insurance coverage, demographic trends and personal fashion sense in America suggest the trend for eye care and eyewear sales should be moving upward." Cleinman continued, "In contrast Cleinman Performance Network members, on average, experienced substantial growth over the same time period Jobson studied."

Visioncare_graph_blog_art_2In a comparison of the data released by Jobson and Cleinman Performance Partners it is apparent there is a wide disparity between the industry as a whole and top-performing independent optometrists who are Cleinman Performance Network members.

It is unfortunate that the overall industry results suggests to independent ODs that mediocre is acceptable when all the elements for growth are in place," Cleinman recapped. "There are resources available to independent ODs, especially Cleinman Performance Network members, which can enable them to earn more, work less and in general improve their practices and their lives. I urge all practice owners to look at these numbers and those of their practice and ask themselves if in fact they accept
the perceived status quo and if so why?"

About Cleinman Performance Partners:
Cleinman Performance Partners is a team of specialists who provide business development services to owners of large optometry practices.  Our customized consulting services are tailored to the needs of each health care business and business owner. Cleinman Performance Partners offers results-oriented doctor and staff training workshops taught by bona fide experts. We also founded Cleinman Performance Network, the only organized, national wisdom-sharing network for optometrists.

Sources: VisionMonday, March 31, 2008. Vol. 22 No. 4, page 40.
Internal Cleinman Performance Partners study, April 2008

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