VSP Financial Statements – Perhaps You Should Apply For a Job?

Attached you'll find a copy of VSP's quarterly financial statements for the period ending 6/30/08.  Enjoy the read. 

Download vsp_063008_financial_statement.pdf

Don't gulp when you read about their benefit package or the $270 million in cash.  Perhaps you should apply for a job.  But then again, most of America's private practice optometrists appear to work for VSP, anyway.  Perhaps you're eligible for their 15% 401K contribution, deferred compensation plan and retirement benefits?  I wonder how one applies.

I find this interesting.  VSP pays you 50% of your fees, then resells your services at enough of a profit to pay their employees in the 99th percentile of compensation among all companies…AND has enough left over to accumulate $270+million in cash.  Is this what a "For Private Optometry" Not-For-Profit is all about?   

I sure wish someone from VSP (perhaps one of their O.D. board members) would chime in and help rationalize VSP's position.  All I see is that they're taking money from America's private optometrists to expand globally.  But, perhaps I'm not seeing something.  I'm willing to be educated.

How is it that private optometrists are being helped by VSP? 

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