You Get What You Pay For

So I'm in the Big Apple (that's New York City to those west of the Hudson River) last week and got the bright idea that I'd attend the Knicks season opener.  I'd never been to a professional basketball game and didn't have a ticket, so my only chance was the scalpers.  After inquiring to three different somewhat seedy looking dudes I learned that the going rate was $150.  Ouch!  I wasn't prepared for that big an investment.  So, as I'm standing in the lobby area of Madison Square Garden, with litterally thousands of people streaming in from every point of the compass, I spot a couple who seem to be selling a ticket.  "Have a ticket for sale?" I asked.  "Yes, we have an extra ticket," was the warm response.  "How much?" I inquired.  "$30…we just want to get rid of it." Wow, I thought to myself…my lucky day!  I quickly grabbed the ticket and exchanged my money.  The couple disappeared into the crowd. 

I looked down at the ticket to figure out my seat location. "Cirque du Soliel" jumped out in bold type.  Seems that their were two events at Madison Square Garden last Wednesday…and in my own excitement over finding a cheap ticket I failed to even consider whether I bought the right one.

So, the moral of the story:

– If it's too good to be true…it probably is.

– You get what you pay for.

PS:  I did end up springing $100 for a ticket and enjoyed watching the Knicks beat Miami.  The way I rationalized this one was that I was still $20 ahead…and life is all about rationalization. 

Enjoy life, it's the only one you can count on.

Al Cleinman

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