VSP Reduces Provider Reimbursements to Support Employee Lunches

I have a client who once told me that he never drove his Porsche in his own community.  His reasoning?  He didn't want his patients to get the impression that he was getting rich serving them.  While that's a pretty conservative approach, it was likely the right approach given my client's visibility in his mid-western community.  In any event, he simply didn't want to rub his patient's proverbial noses in his success. 

VSP just cut your contact lens reimbursements, eliminated your eyewear case allowance and told you (not a request) to provide additional discounts to VSP patients from your own pocket.  Their message: "it's a cold, cruel, competitive world out there and we all have to sacrifice."  

The article below comes directly from VSP's own blog and was proudly crafted by a member of VSP's Public Relations staff (thanks to a loyal reader for passing this on to me).  What a great response to your sacrifice. 


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