Honing a Message for Improved Eye Health

It's a travesty that consumers spend 50% more on shoes than they do on their eyes.  Shoes are…well, shoes…important but not necessary…at least not always.  But our eyes and vision system affects all that we do.  In addition to the obvious, eyecare impacts such diverse areas of our lives as vehicular accidents; sports performance; behavior; confidence and self-worth; productivity in the workplace, learning and safety.  And yet, most americans take their eyesite for granted.  Well, the time has come for a change.

I was honored to be invited to participate in the Eye Health Summit, a two-day meeting of about 120 industry leaders held in Chicago over the past two days.  The summit's purpose is to identify the elements necessary for a public health message about the importance of eyecare.  Sponsored by the Vision Council, the event has brought together a diverse group of members of the eyecare industry to begin the process of forging a message and methodology to lead our society to improved eye health. 

Ours is a big challenge and an even bigger opportunity.  Vision problems are the second most prevalent health problem in America, affecting more than 120 million of our citizens.  A unified public health message would mean earlier diagnosis of disease and improved quality of life for many.  The Eye Health Coalition has a daunting task.  It's charge is to bring together such diverse groups as optometry and ophthalmology; insurance firms and manufacturers; associations, schools and government to put forth a unified message about the importance of eye health checkups.  

When the time comes for you to participate in this process, which may take several years to bring to fruition, it is my hope that you'll get behind this important message.  

For additional information about the Eye Health Coalition, visit their website at:

 The Eye Health Summit

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