The Global Economy – Simplified

Alan and Tom Schinkel0001 My friend, former partner, and mentor Tom Schinkel is one smart guy (See June 8, 2009 post).  Tom was my partner and co-founder of Co-Optics of America, the first national buying group, back in 1979.  It was his insight into the forces at work within the optical industry that became the foundation of our business plan; a model which today represents billions of dollars of optical trade world-wide. 

The former Executive Director of the Dutch Wholesaler's Association and a Retail Distribution Expert, Tom has spent the past thirty-five years helping CEOs and senior managers define and implement expansion strategies on an international scale.  Today, Tom is likely the world's leading expert on the office products industry.

Tom has a knack for making the complex simple.  He's a knowledgeable observer of the world of business and has an expert's understanding of the forces at work within the global economy. 

The attached white paper will provide you with some insight into some of the driving forces behind our current economic challenges.  Enjoy!

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