I Can’t Get “You” Down the Street

Boudreaus 2008-03-16_13-34-46 As I travel around the country, presenting workshops at our Business of Eyecare Forum programs, I often speak about the importance of building your brand.  Your competitors all provide exams, frames, lenses and contacts.  What will set you apart is not any of these, but your unique patient experience.  Developing a logo and presenting an empty promise in the form of a name or tagline is likely more damaging than it is productive.  When you consider your brand development, focus your attention on aspects of your patient experience that are not available "down the street."

Jeff and Sue Boudreau have certainly cracked the branding code.  And they've done so in ways that may surprise you.  Please enjoy some "Lessons from Main Street."

Boudreau's On Branding

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