No One Can Compete with Memories

Why does our industry continue to destroy it's overall brand through discounting?  Why do ECPs, who can't possibly compete on price, even make the attempt?  In the absence of anything else, yes, price prevails.  But it's so easy to deliver something besides price! 

One of the key messages that I deliver to my audiences as I travel around the country speaking is the importance of delivering memories.  I often say, "it's not just an eye exam, it's an eyecare experience."  Perhaps that's one reason why our clients realize growth at 4 times that national average?

Here's a video from Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz about an unusual individual and his simple tool for delivering memories…and bringing back customers for his employer…lots of customers.  Please note that you won't hear the word "price" mentioned in this video.

What can you do to deliver a memory…and great eyecare?  Enjoy…and share this message with your team. Then empower them to deliver.   Delivering Powerful Memories    

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