Small is BIG!

Child-writes-thank-you-le-007 Consider what's been important to you…the really amazing memories. If you're honest, the things you value most are NOT big, in terms of cost, effort or time. Sure, you like the big house, the nice car, the boats, the big trips…but you won't remember them tomorrow.  No, the important memories are likely very small…the handwritten card from your 5 year old; the used book that a friend found just for you; the small gift from someone whom you've helped; the kind word from an associate.  It's those gifts; whether tangible or intangible, that we value most. And even more important than receiving, it's the giving that really touches our heart.  Tomorrow, do something small for someone…a pat on the back; a note of thanks; a small gift. 

Small is BIG!

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