Milk for Twice the Price

Cow-human-milk During my lectures around the country, I often discuss the importance of branding and delivering value.  My audiences are often surprised when I describe that every consumer seeks luxury and that even to a homeless person, luxury is important…and might be defined as a clean pair of socks.  I talk about $40 a bottle water and $5000 hamburgers.

Those that think luxury is dead are grossly mistaken.  And those that think the new economy has eliminated the role of luxury are missing tremendous opportunity.  What's largely missing in our industry, is that we don't describe or offer our products using  luxury terms.  BOGO and discounting are easy; but these tactics only serve to destroy our universal industry brand.  To the average eyecare consumer, our industry is thought of as just above that of the proverbial used car marketplace.

Well, here's another example of how savvy marketers use luxury to define their product and…charge accordingly.  Enjoy the read.  And take action with what you learn.

Luxury Milk

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