Just last week I completed The Steve Jobs Way, the book by Jay Elliott about Jobs’ unique leadership style.  As a student of leadership…and a bit of a rogue myself, I was fascinated by Elliott’s descriptions of Jobs’ leadership style and some of this insider’s perspective of the Jobs/Apple phenomenon.

Today, along with millions of others, I mourn his passing.  Perhaps I’m unique in that I’ve never used an Apple product.  I’ve never owned a Mac; never used an Ipod or Ipad.  I don’t believe that I’ve even seen a Pixar movie (I don’t much care for animation).  But, like virtually everyone on the planet, I’ve been touched by this incredible individual.  I’ve learned much from him; from his technologies and from his rise as an icon of American ingenuity.  Thank you, Steve, for all that you’ve given our planet and mankind.  Thank you for showing us your way.  Thank you for sharing your genius.  You’ll be sorely missed.

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