An Insider’s Perspective on Warby Parker and Internet Distribution Models

Jamie Quint is a former software engineer who won admittance to the elite incubator Y Combinator in 2008 with a short-lived recruitment-advertising start-up.  He next worked for Swipely on conversion optimization and online marketing. A passion for fashion inspired him to found Lookcraft in November 2011.   This men’s fashion expert, at the ripe age of 27, appears to have an interesting perspective on Warby Parker and it’s raison d’etre.    Have a read of Jamie Quint’s take on Warby Parker (and others).

The Problem with “Warby Parker for X.”

The internet will play a significant role in our eyecare world going forward.  But my belief is that it will be much like Pearle, Lenscrafters and Walmart…folks we can thank for expanding the market.  What do you think?

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