David Meets Goliath in Washington

The movement towards anti-trust action against the leading Vision Plans took a bold step forward this week with action by the American Association of Doctors of Optometry/Union of American Eye Care Providers. To read their anti-trust complaint against Vision Plans, click here.

As I’ve previously written, in my opinion, Vision Plans are on a strategic path that is tangential to that of independent ECP. Through vertical integration, it’s clear that Vision Plans are taking control over the delivery of eyewear, the result being the ultimate removal of this revenue stream from the ECP.

There’s nothing that will prevent this, and it’s huge economic motivation for vertically integrated Visions Plans to take steps.

Regardless of whether this action is ultimately successful or not, the move will increase the transparency of the provider/plan relationship. In my opinion, this movement deserves the significant support of every ECP.

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