Albuquerque Optometrist Honored for Work

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CHICAGO — Dr. Karlyn Gansel Ang of Albuquerque Vision Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, received recognition for her continued commitment to professional development at a recent meeting of Cleinman Performance Network.

Dr. Gansel Ang — celebrating her fifth year in the Network — demonstrates a dedication to creating a healthy and beneficial work environment, as well as to maintaining a high level of patient care.

As a member of Cleinman Performance Network, a wisdom-sharing group of peer optometrists from across North America, Dr. Gansel Ang provides valuable knowledge that highlights and contributes to the best practices in vision care and eye health.

Here is one of many positive patient reviews of Dr. Gansel Ang and Albuquerque Vision Clinic: “When I experienced a major problem that affected my vision, my optometrist at the Clinic was a major source of support for me. … My optometrist spent a lot of time with me that day, and I am truly grateful for the care she took. … The concern shown for me, the good advice and the respectful, professional care given to me at ABQ Vision Clinic helped me through a pretty rough patch. So, hats off to ABQ Vision Clinic. I really do think they are the best optometrists in town.”

Albuquerque Vision Clinic offers comprehensive eye exams, eyewear and contact lenses. The practice also diagnoses and treats eye diseases and emergencies, as well as care for low vision issues.

“Dr. Gansel Ang has made true contributions to our Network of optometrists through her commitment to excellent patient care,” said Alan H. Cleinman, president of Cleinman Performance Partners in Oneonta, NY. “We are honored to be associated with a professional of such high caliber and look forward to continuing our positive and beneficial relationship.”

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