Network Meeting: Time for Something “Different”

Cleinman Performance Network presents something a little “different” during the Second Session in Chicago at the Eaglewood Resort and Conference Center starting in August.

Cleinman Performance Network presents something a little different during the Second Session in Chicago at the Eaglewood Resort and Conference Center starting in August. Taking cues from Different by Harvard Business School MBA Program Chair Youngme Moon, the meeting includes new and exciting features designed to get attendees rethinking their business strategies. These additions join the life-changing wisdom-sharing sessions held throughout the weekend that introduce our members to powerful, fresh ideas.

The weekend begins with our Friday CE, “Primary Focus: Using Electrodiagnostics in the Practice,” presented by Cleinman Performance Network member Pete Kehoe. He shows how VEP (Visual Evoked Potential) and ERG (Electroretinography) can add new and powerful options for diagnosing and treating a variety of eye diseases. Attendees get hands-on experience, putting the machines into action to understand the full potential in their practice. The course offer 3 Hours of COPE credits. Friday also brings the Network Welcome & Awards, where we laud the triumphant efforts of our members.

Saturday features a full day of activities, starting with the keynote address, “Looking Ahead,” by Richard Clompus. An industry expert and former executive at Johnson & Johnson, CooperVision and Pixel Optics, Clompus offers a glimpse into the future of optometry and the impending changes ahead. Using his unique perspective, Clompus delves into how optometrists can gain a foothold in the changing industry landscape.

Following lunch, attendees experience the World Café, a unique brain-storming session exploring industry issues through the interaction of doctors, staff and sponsors. Dr. Ken Eakland of Pacific University and Network member Bob Salchak lead groups working in real time to discuss and review the issue of the day.

A night of food and fun begins with a reception and banquet. Then attendees can find their way to the Eaglewood Resort championship golf course for nine holes of glow gear golf. The captain and crew event — for golfers and non-golfers alike — features prizes and surprises, with funds raised going to local charities and Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Sunday wraps up the weekend with Al Cleinman’s look into a future guided by opportunity and innovation.

For more information on how you can attend an upcoming Network weekend for free, call 1 (800) 331-5536 or click here.

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