If Everyone Is Responsible, No One Is

Like the majority of our clients, I belong to a mastermind group.  In my case, we call ourselves the “Congress of Masterminds” and are comprised of companies that provide mastermind group management services to vertical industries.  Our group, which meets every six months, is comprised of the leaders of firms that support eyecare, dentistry, home remodeling, heavy construction, accounting, technology support and auto service firms.  The following blog post is from my colleague, Wayne Rivers, the leader of the Family Business Institute (“FBI”).  An authority on family business, with a focus on heavy construction, Wayne and FBI are often quoted in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times on issues relating to family business.  This particular blog, while directed to the members of FBI, contains universal truths which I’m trusting you’ll find valuable.

Wayne says: “As a leader, it is your duty to define the structure of your organization. Assigning clear, precise responsibilities for team members is not only something they deeply desire, it also has the benefit of boosting effectiveness.”  Wayne’s blog reinforces the importance of having clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and accountability and how it makes a big difference to every organization’s performance, regardless of industry.  Kudos to Wayne for an outstanding piece that I’m proud to share.

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