A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Message

As I travel around the country speaking to private-practice optometrists and their teams, I often discuss branding, markets, and market share.  Ours is a dynamic world, with killer competition coming from multiple fronts.  Competition for the private ECP is increasing.  They must deal with messaging from big box retailers, vision plans, private equity consolidators and […]

Pushing the Envelope

  Opternative Files Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn State Law Smart Vision Labs Launches Telemedicine Pilot Program Warby Parker Contemplates 1000 Brick and Mortar Locations Our industry is changing at warp speed.  The pressures on you are mounting in an ever-more complex world.  You and your team are dealing with organizational and commercial issues for which […]

A Message from Dylan

Optometrists are generally a conservative bunch.  You don’t like to rock the boat.  You have the lowest divorce rate of almost any profession (not a bad stat).   You seek a balanced life and camaraderie among your team.  You do business with folks with whom you are NOT strategically aligned because change comes hard.  The majority […]

Perspective on the Marriage of Essilor and Vision Source

Before I make comments about this latest consolidation development, I feel obligated to disclose:

• I have many friends at Essilor and have had business relationships with them in the past. Our firm does not currently have any business relationship with the firm.

President’s Message: Tomorrow is Today

Whether 35 or 70, regardless of your age or how long you’ve been in practice, the time is now to begin thinking and planning for your exit. Why? Simply stated, sooner or later you will leave your practice. It’s inevitable! It may happen tomorrow, the result of catastrophe. Or it may be more than 20 years away and simply a dim light in the distance. Regardless, successful transition takes many years of preparation. And for one very important reason, it’s not something that should be left until retirement is just around the corner.

Optometry Ousted from Eyeware Business?

As you read this release, consider if there are implications for private practice optometrists?  While perhaps a stretch, is this a precursor to the elimination of the ability for optometrists to sell eyeware?  What impact might this have on Vision Plans, who both secure exams and sell eyeware direct to consumer?   How about impact […]

Canadian Optometrists – Just Say No!

Through the wonders of communication technology and thanks to my many friends in Canada, I provide below a letter circulated by the Canadian Association of Optometrists from Dr. Al Ulsifer, CEO and Founder of FYidoctors.   In the interest of debate, I have taken the liberty of including my opinion to Dr. Ulsifer’s letter in response.  […]

We Have Seen the Enemy…

Discount.  According to Webster’s the word has many meanings.  But generally, when we think of the word as it relates to our industry, it’s “to offer for sale at a reduced price.”   In both the retail and the B2B world, a discount generally is provided in exchange for something of value to the provider.  For […]

Optometry Provides No Value!!

Optometry delivers nothing of value.  Yep. nothing.  Nada! According to a couple of commercials being run by “Optometry’s Friend,” the only thing that a consumer values is a discount.  The lowest price.  Affordability.  Money Savings.  Indeed, it seems that the magic number is “$200 per year.”   Take a look: Brand Destroyer A Brand Destroyer B […]

VSP Goes Retail – Kiss Eyewear Goodbye?

It appears that VSP, through it’s EyeFinity division, is now the owner of an optical dispensary inside of the Cisco Campus in San Jose, CA (competing directly with private practice optometrists).  As I’ve written in the past, the day when VSP “goes direct” with the sale of eyewear is here.  The document below describes a logical […]