Congratulations Maryland!!!

Maryland House Bill 1160 passed into law on May 16th.  Similar to that of the Texas bill noted in my last post, the Maryland bill “prohibits a carrier from including in a vision plan contract a provision that requires a vision plan provider to …provide discounts on materials that are not covered benefits.”   In my opinion, this […]

Your Future is at Stake!

As I have communicated to my audiences over the past couple of years,  it is my strong belief that Private Optometry is at a crossroads.  It’s no longer business as usual.  Those who take bold action to build their respective brands and effectively communicate directly with their patients will be imminently successful.  Those that sit back […]

Study Supports VSP Increasing Reimbursements to Providers

The following was recently announced by VSP.  In addition to promoting the importance, and value, of a comprehensive eye health exam, one would hope that VSP would use this information to support an increase in reimbursements for the very providers who have delivered these incredible results.  After all, it’s not VSP that delivers the service, it’s […]

VSP’s Fight For Your Reimbursement Increases Causing Employee Stress

Thanks to a loyal reader for submitting this video (see comments). Apparantly, VSP employees, who have one of the best benefit packages in the world (for example: 15% 401k Contribution…twice that of IBM), have been fighting for Provider fee increases.  Yep…it's hand to hand combat out there as they attempt to obtain reimbursement increases for […]