COVID-19 Guidance for Optometrists

Guidance for Your Patients

“This is certainly a stressful time for all of us and making important decisions day to day can wear you down! I’m grateful that we have the Cleinman family in our corner to help us through this mess.”

– Scott Tomasino, O.D., Tomasino Goerss Vision Source, O’Fallon, MO.


  • Follow recommended sanitization and patient care protocols recommended by the AOA. If you are staying open:
    • Increase your disinfecting/sanitizing after each patient
    • Bleach/Lysol or autoclave frames after someone has touched them
    • Reduce your schedule to put distance between each patient so there is only one person in the waiting room
    • Use only one exam room so it is easier to clean after use
    • Make sure you have the proper protective gear
    • Reduce and alternate staff
    • Use video conferencing and on-call options where you can. Please see AOA updates:
    • Reschedule anyone 65 or older as a precaution
  • Maintain the very highest quality experience for those patients who do come in.