The Big Get Bigger!

As anticipated, Luxottica is going to merge with Essilor.  While so positioned, in fact, Essilor is acquiring Luxottica in a stock swap worth ±$24bb to Luxottica shareholders.  The resultant company (we’ll call them “EssiLux”) will be the dominant player worldwide in both the lens, frame, retail and online eyewear business.  This announcement is big news […]

Perspective on the Marriage of Essilor and Vision Source

Before I make comments about this latest consolidation development, I feel obligated to disclose:

• I have many friends at Essilor and have had business relationships with them in the past. Our firm does not currently have any business relationship with the firm.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

A couple of headlines recently caught my attention: "VSP Vision Care will no longer provide in-network coverage for eyewear manufactured and/or distributed byAspex Eyewear." "Carl Zeiss Vision is canceling its lens distribution agreements with the prescription laboratory networks operated by its two biggest competitors,Essilor of America and Hoya Vision Care." In each of these cases, it appears […]