What’s your Critical Number?

A message from Al Cleinman

What Does Your P&L Tell You?

Regardless of the type of transaction work, we always start with looking at financial statements and you would not believe how different Profit & Loss Statements (P&Ls) can look! So …. why are Profit & Loss statements so important that it’s the foundation of the work we do and what do they tell us?

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The Magic of Intentional Consistency

The best patient experiences and the worst patient experiences grow out of the same problem most businesses face: their systems are inconsistent. Johanna Loeffler, CPBA, Senior Director of Operational Development, shows you the one trick you need to always deliver your best to your clients.

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The Impact Of The Personal Touch

Cleinman Performance Partners’ Senior Director of Client Solutions, Amanda VanVoris, talks with Alan French, OD, FAAO regarding the challenges he had running his practice and his consulting journey. See what Dr. French says was one aspect of the consulting process that really stood out for him.

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Did It Really Kill The Cat?

Our consultants often get asked, “what do I look for in an employee?” This is an age-old question, and I’m quite certain that most optometrists don’t really think this one through. First, each position likely has a requirement for different attributes. As just one example, a bookkeeper doesn’t have to be very people-oriented while an optician simply must be. The attributes of your patient-care coordinator will likely be different than those of your contact lens tech. Different jobs require different skills.

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The Future is in your Closet!

I recently read an article that predicted that on-line optical is expected to reach a 21% share of market by 2023. Ouch, you say! Firm’s like Zenni Optical, Warby Parker and Essilor’s EyeBuy Direct and FramesDirect.com are out to eat your lunch. VSP is right there with them. Are these your enemies…or friends?

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