Plagiarism at Work!

Plagiarism at Work! November 15, 2022

I’ve just returned from our Cleinman Performance Network fall meeting in Nashville. Headquartered at the Gaylord Opryland Nashville, this unique meeting brought together practice owners and managers from throughout North America. During the two-day event, partner practices shared ideas, explored key performance metrics and resolved challenges. They heard several keynote messages from business and healthcare experts. They learned new tactics, resolved strategic concerns and developed ideas that are the backbone of good strategic planning. The energy at the meeting was palpable. Despite a jam-packed schedule, participants had fun and had the time to network with like-minded owners and managers. This week, participants return to their practices reenergized and ready to tackle the opportunities before them.

Opportunity. Each practice and practice owner has more of it than is possible to address. Just open your eyes. Optometry is in the cat-bird seat of a perfect storm. Consider! Our population is aging. Diabetes is on the rise. Ophthalmology is not meeting demand. Optometry is advancing scope of practice. Technology is placing enormous stress on our visual systems. Technological advancement is opening doors to even more opportunity. The world is your oyster! The result…the eyecare industry is expected to almost double in volume in the next decade! That’s right, each optometrist is virtually guaranteed growth…if you’re ready for it. Opportunity abounds.

And yet, if you monitor our profession’s social media, you might quickly conclude that optometry is full of gloom and doom. On most sites, “the sky is falling” is the norm. And I often here the proverbial “we’re going to end up like pharmacists” analogy…and I smile. Despite over 100 years of commercial evolution in the pharmacy industry, better than 20% of all pharmacies today are independent. As Mark Twain said, “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Gloom and doom? Nothing could be further from the truth and the partner practices of Cleinman Performance Network prove it daily.

But why? Why do Cleinman Performance Network partner practices outperform the industry by a factor of 4 to 1? While the reasons are individual and many, there’s certainly some themes that are evident.

· Cleinman Partners have access to highly experienced support in all areas of the business of optometry

· Cleinman Partners are surrounded by success, and it rubs off

· Cleinman Partners invest in themselves and their teams

· Cleinman Partners have access to the right business information at the right time

· Cleinman Partners are trained to be exceptional business owners

· Cleinman Partners are lucky!

Yes…lucky. In the context that luck is what happens when planning meets opportunity.

Yours is a lifelong journey. Optometry, for you, is not a job…it’s a calling. And at each level of your business development, there are lessons that can be learned from those who’ve been there, done that. Cleinman Performance Network partner practices have access to those lessons. And the collective wisdom of hundreds of North America’s most successful practices is what delivers success…faster and cheaper than one could possibly achieve independently. Indeed, as the saying goes, “better to copy genius than to invent mediocrity.”

In simple terms, Cleinman Partners are prepared for success. You can be too.

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