A Message from Dylan

Optometrists are generally a conservative bunch.  You don’t like to rock the boat.  You have the lowest divorce rate of almost any profession (not a bad stat).   You seek a balanced life and camaraderie among your team.  You do business with folks with whom you are NOT strategically aligned because change comes hard.  The majority […]

Perspective on the Marriage of Essilor and Vision Source

Before I make comments about this latest consolidation development, I feel obligated to disclose:

• I have many friends at Essilor and have had business relationships with them in the past. Our firm does not currently have any business relationship with the firm.

President’s Message: Tomorrow is Today

Whether 35 or 70, regardless of your age or how long you’ve been in practice, the time is now to begin thinking and planning for your exit. Why? Simply stated, sooner or later you will leave your practice. It’s inevitable! It may happen tomorrow, the result of catastrophe. Or it may be more than 20 years away and simply a dim light in the distance. Regardless, successful transition takes many years of preparation. And for one very important reason, it’s not something that should be left until retirement is just around the corner.

An Anniversary “Thank You.”

I remember it like it was yesterday.  That call.  The soft southern accent.  The gentlemanly but driven conversation.   The request. It was early in 1981 and the caller was interested in my and my partner’s assistance with a product that he’d invented.  Having been member number 41 of our venture, Co-Optics of America (the first […]

Optometry Ousted from Eyeware Business?

As you read this release, consider if there are implications for private practice optometrists?  While perhaps a stretch, is this a precursor to the elimination of the ability for optometrists to sell eyeware?  What impact might this have on Vision Plans, who both secure exams and sell eyeware direct to consumer?   How about impact […]

Congratulations Maryland!!!

Maryland House Bill 1160 passed into law on May 16th.  Similar to that of the Texas bill noted in my last post, the Maryland bill “prohibits a carrier from including in a vision plan contract a provision that requires a vision plan provider to …provide discounts on materials that are not covered benefits.”   In my opinion, this […]

Lessons from the Road

Over the past sixty days, I’ve had the opportunity to drive over 4000 miles in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the U.S.  I’m writing this message from near Berlin, having just spent the past few days navigating Germany’s famous Autobahn. The Autobahn is famous because it generally has no speed limits.  Cars are known to […]

Read this Book!

My brother recently published his second book, Toys in the Attic.  Set on a dairy farm in upstate New York, this is a captivating story of a young woman who endures horrific parental abuse and rises above her life-changing experience to find success, both personally and professionally.  Full of emotion and with a variety of […]