Insights on the Business of Optometry

Messages and news from Cleinman Performance Partners

Milk for Twice the Price

During my lectures around the country, I often discuss the importance of branding and delivering value.  My audiences are often surprised when I describe that

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Success through Failure

Back in the mid 1980’s, I had the good fortune to visit 3M’s headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Sitting in the reception area, awaiting the

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VSP Lobbies for its Life

VSP recently announced the appointment of what appears to be a chief lobbyist dedicated to convincing Congress that VSP and other stand-alone vision plans are

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Let Go of the Reins

Ever wonder what it would be like to come to the office each day and not have to worry?  Can you imagine being surrounded by

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Curiosity is the Key to Success

Show me a successful optometrist (or anyone else for that matter) and I’ll show you a professional student.  Certainly, Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a

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Let’s Make a Deal!

VSP Vision Care and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care’s Vistakon division recently announced that they are partnering to offer VSP

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