Invest in Your Team

Spend time and money on continuous staff training. This will set you apart and pay dividends in terms of staff performance. Managing a good team is like raising children – listen, but be prepared to say no and lead when you need to.     Steps: Create training program for staff; include in-service as well […]

Improve Contact Lens Reordering

We have created a business card-size patient info card that we attach to all patients’ orders that do not purchase a year supply of contacts. The purpose of the card is to inform the patient that they are able to re-order their CLs directly from us online. We kept the card simple by having a […]

More Isn’t Always Better

Tim Nichols, OD In the first quarter of 2013, we noticed our per patient revenues were falling and began to investigate, hoping to pinpoint the cause and take action. We were seeing appropriate numbers of patients; some days we were too busy. Our demographic offers a wide variety of patient types, were we being prudent […]

Creating a Vision and Learning Center

Daniel Hock, OD We moved a Vision Therapy department to a new stand alone location. We have teamed up with a reading specialist who will be offering tutoring services. Steps: Get a VT office established. Team up with an established tutor, ACT SAT prep, OT, etc., to help share the costs of rentfind suitable space […]

Kids in Eyewear Photo Contest

  Mark Teeple, OD To introduce our members to our website and to gather email addresses we held a contest over 3 months inviting patients to submit photos of their children with eyewear from our office. The prize was substantial ($100 gift certificate for future purchases at our office). The participation rate was quite good, […]

Sharing Gratitude

  Shawn McBride, OD We have a brief “huddle” in the morning 10 minutes before we open, where we review anything that needs discussion from the previous day, discuss what’s in store for that day, etc. One thing we have started doing is have each team member say something they are grateful for from the […]

Economic Gardening

  Greg Kraupa, OD Economic Gardening is a project managed by the National Center for Economic Gardening and hosted by the Edward Lowe Foundation. This is a nationwide program, but it is carried out at a county level and funded by county governments. The purpose is to help small and mid-sized businesses grow. Specifically it […]

Computerized Check-in with LobbyCentral

  Jennifer Redmond, OD We are using this cloud-based system for a high-tech and efficient way to check-in patients to the eye wear gallery. We switched to LobbyCentral, and we are really happy this new system. LobbyCentral manages a database of records that will tell you how many customers were seen, how long a customer […]

Spectacle Art

Tania Sobchuk, OD We did a pretty major renovation on our practice this October. In the process I met with a local metal artist to create some metal lettering for our front wall. In addition to creating us some fabulous letters, his artistic brain went to work and on his own he created a giant […]

Merging Marketing with Social Media

  Jason Lake, OD We have been running a “Talk of the Town” billboard campaign for 2 years where local “celebs” model our eyewear as part of an advertising campaign to increase knowledge of our favorite eyewear lines and to let people know we are the place for beautiful eyewear. We had so many requests […]